Generate More Loans...

The Go Pro Systems Mortgage One-Line Success Program is perfect for the Loan Officer who wants to keep their expenses down, yet generate five or more new loans a month.

You will receive one special, toll-free Go Pro Systems wireless telephone number equipped with 100% of our Go Pro Systems technology, unlimited extensions, the most sophisticated contact management system ever built, personal training, sample ads and scripts, our legendary support and a whole lot more.

You will use your new Go Pro Systems toll-free number in several different ways:
For starters, use your special number for your very own 24-hour personal marketing number. Place that number on your business cards, letterhead, website and all other marketing materials such as signs, flyers, mailers, postcards, magazine, and newspaper ads. Put your toll-free number everywhere that you would normally think of advertising. Consumers can now call your toll-free marketing number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and listen to free recorded information about you, your company, and special finance programs.

More importantly though, they can access specially designed, powerful, free consumer tips that we have already created and recorded for you. Topics include; re-finance, debt consolidation, new purchase loans and more.

Effortless Lead Generation

Capture Information Without Even Trying:
What happens when the buyer or seller calls the toll free number?
1.     They can enter an extension number at any time during the call, day or night, and listen to your free consumer tips.
2.     The caller can press a button at any time during the call and connect directly to you as our technology automatically and instantly locates you in seconds and puts them through.
3.     Receive a faxed information sheet regarding any special finance programs you are offering, at the touch of a button.
4.     Or the caller can leave you a message.

All of these features can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What if the caller dials your toll-free number, listens to the free consumer tips, then hangs up without leaving a message?

Our Go Pro Systems AUTOMATICALLY grabs the caller’s information and instantly forwards it to you via cell phone, e-mail and/or pager.

Within seconds of the hang-up, you’ll know:
1.     The caller’s phone number and the date and time of the call
2.     The marketing source from which they got the number (sign, flyer, referral, etc.)
3.     The topic of interest (Re-Fi, new purchase, debt consolidation, Buyer or Seller etc.)


Now you have the opportunity to call back the consumer at the height of their interest and secure the loan.

Own The FSBO Market

Additional ways to use your new One-Line Success Program, toll-free number:

Get Ready to Own the FSBO Market

We have a proven, turn-key system, created and ready to go. Simply said, “You will own the FSBO market.” We have your scripts, signs, and a proven turn key system that will allow you to quickly and easily work with and lock up every FSBO in your area. Let our technology make you big $$$$$. Our Loan Officer members commonly see an additional 5 to 10 loans per month when they run the Go Pro Systems FSBO program. Don’t wait. It’s awesome.

Do you want to work with builders? Of course you do. Because we give you unlimited extensions, you can share your toll-free number with trusted builders in your area. Our Dynamic Lead Technology™ will allow any builder to generate 400% more buyers for their properties and then give them the opportunity to follow up on every lead. Of course, every lead your builders generate will automatically be sent to you as well, a gold mine to say the least.

Best of All
You can run all of these programs and a whole lot more with just one Go Pro System, and best of all, it’s affordable and it’s always month to month. No lengthy commitments or contracts. We won’t lock you into anything. Our technology works: it will make you money fast. All of this, for only $89 plus calls. A no-brainer for sure. We even give you a complete staff of business advisors included in the price to assure your success for years to come. Get started now!

There’s no hardware, no software and nothing to install ever. You don’t even need a phone line, it’s 100% wireless.