Step By Step Plan...

Our Top Producer Program is the most effective, powerful and economical way for Loan Officers nationwide to use our Go Pro System and quickly generate HUGE volumes of loans.

Step 1
Purchase 2 (two) special toll-free telephone numbers, pre-programmed with our proprietary
Go Pro Technology.

Remember, there’s no hardware or software, and nothing to install – the system is 100% wireless!

Step 2
Make one of the two toll free numbers your very own 24-hour personal marketing number, which you can place on your business cards and letterhead, website and all other marketing materials. Consumers can now call your toll-free marketing number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and listen to free recorded information about you, your company, and special finance programs.

More importantly, though, they can access specially designed powerful free consumer tips that we have already created and recorded for you. Topics include: re-finance, debt consolidation and new purchase loans.

Statistics show that consumers call 200 - 300% more often when you offer these informative consumer tips.

Their call is free, the information is recorded and available 24 hours a day. 

Step 3
The remaining toll-free numbers will now be shared by you with a lucky Real Estate Agent in your area. You choose the agent you would like to partner with. Now this agent can put their new Go Pro Call Capture number on all of their marketing materials, in front of all their property listings and on their web site. Your partner agents will now begin to generate 200-300% more Buyer and Seller leads then ever before. Their toll free number will start ringing off the hook.

What’s in it for YOU?

Here’s what’s in it for the Agents:

1.     They get their very own toll-free number, pre-programmed with our
        Go Pro Systems Technology™
2.     They enjoy a 200-300% greater response to their existing advertising
3.     They typically double their income using the technology within the first 60 days

All of this just because you shared your technology with them. They're ecstatic!

Now, here’s what’s in it for you, the Loan Officer:
Each one of our special toll-free Go Pro numbers has the ability to notify multiple people at the exact same time. The system captures every single incoming lead that your partner agent generate through their own marketing and advertising campaigns, and then sends the lead simultaneously to both the Real Estate Agent who generated it and to YOU, the Loan Officer within seconds. Again, you instantly and automatically receive EVERY single lead generated from the Agents’ signs, flyers, mailers, post cards, and expensive advertising campaigns in magazines, newspapers, bus benches etc.

This enables you to call back the prospect at the height of their interest and get them
pre-qualified quickly, before other lenders even know that the buyer exists. 30 – 40% of all consumer calls come in BEFORE 8AM and AFTER 5PM. With our technology behind you, you’ll never miss a chance to follow up on every lead.

Capture Information Without Even Trying
Whenever a consumer dials any of our toll-free numbers, even if they call and hang up without leaving a message, our Go Pro System enables you to act immediately.

Our technology AUTOMATICALLY grabs the caller’s information and instantly forwards it to you via cell phone,
e-mail and/or pager.

Within seconds of the hang-up, you’ll know:
1.     The caller’s phone number and the date and time of the call
2.     The marketing source from which they got the number (sign, flyer, referral, etc.)
3.     The topic of interest (Re-Fi, new purchase, debt consolidation, Buyer or Seller etc.)

Reliable Technology...


Now you have the opportunity to call back the consumer at the height of their interest and secure the loan.

Capture and Control the Purchase Market!
Whether interest rates go up or down, no matter what the current market conditions are, we all know that people will always be buying and selling homes. By aligning yourself with Real Estate Agents in your area who use our Go Pro System, you can lock up the purchase market. Once the market is locked, it doesn’t matter what interest rates do. You the Loan Officer, own the toll free numbers, which have now become the life blood to the Agent's business making your relationship with your Agents solid as a rock. This technology assures you, the lender, of a full mortgage pipeline for years to come. Once the Agents take advantage of your offer and activate their personal Go Pro numbers, leads begin automatically coming in to you all day, every day.

Our Loan Officer customers currently running two line programs of their own tell us that they now do nothing but pre-qualify, qualify and close loans.

This is, of course, the best use of YOUR time as well.

Get Started Today
Immediately after signing up, your Business Advisor walks you through the steps to implement our Go Pro System. Once that’s done, quickly invite any Real Estate Agents with whom you’d be interested in partnering to a live teleconference call. This FREE Real Estate Agent Information Call is held live every single week and lasts just 20 minutes, it’s a call that will absolutely change their lives. During the call, we explain what the Go Pro systems technology is and how it works, then we demonstrate to the Agents how they will double their income in just the first 60 days of using it.

Finding volunteers is never a problem!

Don’t Wait!
Our Business Advisors are waiting to contact you immediately and walk you through the many ways you can to use this technology to increase your business.

Take advantage of this breakthrough technology!

Try it for thirty days and see for yourself what many seminar speakers and trainers, and thousands of Agents and Loan Officers nationwide are raving about.

You’ll be glad you did!

*NOTE* - Loan Officers aligning and working with Real Estate Agents: In order to ensure RESPA compliance, it’s important that if the Loan Officer shares expenses equally with Agent Partners.